What seems to be missing in the WN reorganisation is recognition of the children’s wellbeing, the ecstacy of life, the role of community and our striving for wholeness as human beings. Are the NCC and Central Government stuck in a past conscious of a mechanistic world of corporations, of reason, meritocracy, innovation, accountability? All the above are important milestones in human development but these are worlds of industrial machines, not our children. Does the Government and NCC fail to acknowledge pluralism, empowerment,  values or culture? How do they offer an inspirational purpose? Where is an appreciation of a multistakeholder perspective? Our children will inherit the mistakes burdened on them by our generations, climate change, erosion or loss of just about every natural or community thing of value.

There are better models and measures of what is defined as good education in the Nordic regions. This year it was Finland voted the happiest nation on Earth and it is no coincidence that the Nordic countries top the OECD charts for well being.

The council asked for a alternative proposal, a plan D.

Richard Buckminster Fuller once wrote:

“You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a model that makes the existing model obsolete.”

So we have to build a model and with all of your help we can do this.

Stars is a grass roots movement to support YOU! To bring about change and to imagine through all of our contributions that future our leaders fail to see.