Broomhaugh C. of E. First School formal response

We have been given permission to present the Broomhaugh C. of E. First School formal response from the Governing body.

Their conclusions:

The future of our children, our schools and our communities is at stake.

The reality is that the final decision on what happens next lies not in our hands but with the Council, HLT and the RSC.

Whatever the eventual outcome we are confident that we can and will continue to provide outstanding education at Broomhaugh. Once decisions have been made we will work constructively, collaboratively and with absolute commitment to implement them in the best way possible.

Those decisions, however, have yet to be made.

We expect and encourage all decision makers, not least the Council, to exert their power and responsibility to creating a solution that is absolutely the very best it can be and not a crude, rushed solution.

There are still many critical questions left unanswered by HLT and much rigorous and public scrutiny still required.

We do not believe that the right solution is simply to green light the HLT proposal and force the rest of the system to fall into line come what may. We do not believe that this is the only solution.

We ask the Council to consider our response and those of all other schools, parents and members of the community very carefully. And to provide us with an innovative, unique and truly fit for purpose system of education.

It’s the least generations of children in the West of Northumberland and all the amazing people working so hard and with such great results at our fantastic schools deserve.

A link to the full response is provided below.





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